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Dear my lovely colleagues,

Please email me all the works that you have busted your ass off for december 2013 by today or tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

first unusual email for my department.


Ira Glass

Ira Glass

good title eh? hehe

So here’s the list of Italian/Western Food that I’ve experimented. I am not good with cooking, so there are some dishes that I need to repeat. Sort of like doing the synthesis! But the feeling of failing in cooking is much worst than failing in synthesizing new compounds.

1) semi-freddo (failed first time cause I whisked the whipping cream until it became butter. Anyway, this is my first time “dealing” with whipping cream, I whisked it with forks. got to repeat! The second time, I made semi-freddo not using any egg. I think I need to re-do again).

2) gnochhi (success! but need better sauce to go with it. The best for me is to cook gnocchi with  butter until they become crispy and mix with Parmesan cheese)

3) basil pesto pasta and  basil chicken sandwich (success! the chicken is marinated with curry powder , chili powder, and lemon juice)

4) Tuna on bread pizza (success!)

5) Rosemary beef stew (success!)

6) Lasagna (hmm kindda oily maybe because of the beef, will do it again)

7) chicken meatball with tomato sauce and whipped creamy potato on top and baked all together (casserole) (success with modified method and everyone loved it!!)

8) my dad’s baked beans and minced meat

9) Alfredo spaghetti (cheat: prego!)

10) Prawn Oleo/ Garlic Oleo spaghetti

11) Ricotta cheese (success ? haha not sure cause i am not fond of ricotta cheese)

12) Frittata ( tried once with ricotta cheese ehmm kindda nice, will do it again next time with different ingredients).

13) Chicken casserole with garlic bread (mom loved it!)

So i think that’s it. For someone who don’t know how to cook . Next, will try 10 or more indian recipe!! I will try to take pictures of the food that I’ll cook. (will give it a try!  for this year).







Aku tengah belajar food photography menggunakan camera chabuk aku hahaha. Aku tengah gila memasak juga. Pesto bbq-lime chicken sandwich. Asalnya basil pesto masak ngan pasta haritu dan lamb bbq tapi byk baki so buatlah sandwich. Maybe next time buat hummus with bbq chicken. Nak belajar food photography betul-betul sebab nak tolong pakcik aku nanti bila cuti nanti. Wah semangat!

What is there to like when people died  fighting for something that they believe in whether what they believe is right or wrong.-sufi-

“One day I will find a guy who appreciates my toughness and my ability to open a thigh jar without asking for his help!”

Sometimes you didn’t even know that you are suffering from OED (Overdoing Experiments Disorder) until your supervisor gets really stressed out with you and asked you to stop doing labworks (but to no avail) or when he asked you how many people will read your thesis? Caution: need treatment if you have no more money in the bank to pay the fees. :)

Anyone can be a photographer, but a great one will insert a feeling into an empty picture-sufi von augenblick

Aku memilih research dan bukan mix-mode.

kerana aku tak suka menghafal dan aku lebih suka mengkaji.

menggunakan otak lebih daripada menerima segala info dengan menghafal.

Bila aku fikir balik reason pertama aku buat research adalah sebab utk diberikan balik kepada orang lain.

kepada  masyarakat.

Tapi ini bergantung kepada projek kita sendiri.

Kadang-kadang bukan kita yang pilih projek, tapi boss kita sendiri.

Kadang-kadang bila kita lihat orang dalam lab buat kerja dan benda yg dikaji dapat digunakan oleh masyarakat,

kita pula rasa sedih sebab itu adalah sebab utama mengapa kita sambung.

sabar sajalah yang mampu sekarang,

masa dah masuk 4 tahun sudah.

Aku akan habis tahun ini, dan move on.

Aku tak mau sambung terus phd, ada benda lain yg aku perlu kaji .

Aku mahu aku sendiri buat keputusan kajian apa yang aku hendak lakukan.

Janganlah bersedih wahai hati.

Semua sudah ditetapkan.

Engkau sudah berusaha, tawakal saja.

Ilmu yang ada dalam tangan sekarang, kimia , segala mekanisma kimia, kanser, sel.

Sudah ada dua bidang yg engkau telah pegang.

Aku rasa sangat untung siapa yg belajar kimia, terutama kimia tulen.

sudah ada dua bidang dalam tangan, sufi.

Jangan sedih-sedih dengan apa yg mereka perkatakan.

Masa mmg sudah berlalu, do your best. Do your best for yourself not for others.

The rest leave it to the Almighty to decide.



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